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Nanophotonics and plasmonics: a great look for the International Year of Light:

Nanotechnology 26, 090201 (2015)


Upconversion: when two wrongs make a right Nanotechnology 25, 480201 (2014)


An intelligent approach to nanotechnology Nanotechnology 24, 450201 (2013)


Scanning probe microscopy: a visionary development Nanotechnology 24, 290201 (2013)



Physical behaviour at the nanoscale: a model for fertile research Nanotechnology 24, 250201 (2013)


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Invest in South Africa 2015


Invest in China 2014


International Science Grid This Week


Cryptography: Making elliptic communication cryptic

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Scaling up nanoenhanced fire retardant plastics




A light-weight match for fossil fuels




Connecting strengths in European nanotechnology


Nature Photonics News&Views:



Carbon nanotubes: A quantum light source

Nature Photonics 2, 459 - 460 (2008)