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From war-torn Damascus to success as an aviation engineer and pilot, a refugee's journey (Physics World) - interviewer


Some New Scientist podcasts


New Scientist Escape pod #1 - Understanding


New Scientist Escape pod #2 - All about alliances: human, biological and atomicinterviewee
New Scientist Escape pod #11 - Scales: from music to nature to infinityinterviewee
New Scientist Weekly Extra #4: Elinor Cleghorn: The Gender Pain Gapinterviewer
New Scientist Weekly #121: a new understanding of chronic pain 22min16sinterviewer



Some New Scientist events


New Scientist live (trailer): stage host




Some Physics World podcasts



Quantum teleportation, FLASH radiotherapy and the end of electricity from coal host
Getting the measure of measurementinterviewer
The physics of baking, the controversial $3m prize and the new, new wonder materialinterviewee last segment
Google reignites the cold fusion debate and - Oxfordshire boasts its quantum credentials interviewee last segment



Some Physics World movies


Why carbon is such an amazing material: Part 1 storyboard, script and narration
Why carbon is such an amazing material: Part 2 storyboard, script and narration
Diamond Light Source - where materials surrender their secrets  interviews, filming and editing
A glimpse of the Future at Tokyo Big Sight interviews, filming and editing
Art and Science Light Up interviews, filming and editing
What's next after over 50 years of integrated electronics interviews, filming and editing




Digital Festival clips

Science and Sci-art at Redfest Digital 2020 - A series of popular science and sci-art interviews and pieces for Redfest Digital.

All interviews were scripted, filmed and edited by Anna Demming; "Quantum Touch" was produced in collaboration with Laurene Pilastre.




Older podcasts and movies



Nanotechnology Discussions podcasts 






- Nanotechnology in energy issues 

with Mildred Dresselhaus, George Gruner, Zhong Lin Wang  and Andrew Maynard


- 25 years of Nanotechnology 

with Christoph Gerber, Franz Giessibl and James K Gimzewski



nanotechweb podcasts















- Collaborations in nanomaterials building on the spirit of the Choshu 5 

with researchers from University College London and the Tohoku University


-Trends in Nanotechnology conference comes to Japan

with organiser, speakers and delegates at TNT Japan


- Electron microscopy reaches new heights

at the inauguration of SuperSTEM3 with centre director and attendees


Nanoimprint lithography: From nanofabrication to nanomanufacturing

with Qiangfei Xia


nanotechweb movies            













- 2015 International Year of Light movie series:


   At the Faraday Discussions

  with researchers at a photonics conference


  In the Lab

  with photonics researchers in their labs around the world            

- Round ups best of 2014 

nanotechweb spring round up 2015